I’d like to address a common myth I’ve heard many times over the years, including here at Augustine.  Have you ever heard someone say they don’t play with a player’s card because it “affects your odds of winning?”  Well, I have, and it always surprises me for a number of reasons.  But, most importantly, because it’s absolutely impossible and I can explain why. Machine odds are set in a very regulated, systematic way. If we wanted to change the odds on a machine, we’d actually have to provide notice (and this is true in every gaming market in the U.S.) to the Gaming Commission of our intent to change the payback percentage on a game.  Once they approve, it usually takes a few days and then the slot tech team will physically open up the game, exchange a Random Number Generator chip or reset to the new payout level.  These measures are not something a casino takes lightly and much work goes into a move, even on one single game.  There is simply no mechanism for “on the fly” changes based on card insertion or any other factor for that matter. And, because casinos or so tightly regulated in this country, there’s no technology advance that’s going to allow a casino to circumvent these steps.  And, finally, we wouldn’t want to.

At Augustine our slot machines are set at or very near the loosest payout percentage on every game in the building.  It’s how we’ve built our business which caters entirely to locals.  And, locals will not play our machines if we were to tighten them.  So, to put it simply, we won’t.  We love being the loosest slot floor around and we plan to stay that way for a long time to come. Try us for yourself and…Good Luck!