Everyone at Augustine Casino is empowered to “Own the Situation” and help our guests any time you have a question.  Please feel comfortable that we have the answer to your question or concern or, if we don’t immediately have it, we’ll find it for you.  We give our Augustine Team Members the tools to take care of you, our very important local guests.  No question is too small or too large so please ask. Maybe you’re wondering why we can’t offer complimentary drinks like they do in Vegas or you just want to know where your slot machine moved to.

Again, we’re here for you so let us help.  Casinos are very busy places and, yes, slot machines do move sometimes. And, sometimes your machine may even go away entirely.  It’s a common occurrence on a well-managed slot floor.  It’s no different than other businesses.  We have very limited space and that requires us to keep the most popular and best-producing games on the floor.  When a game falls far below the floor average for coin-in volume, we are forced to study it and determine if there’s an issue with the game, its location or whether it is simply not cost-effective to keep it on the floor any longer.

A similar thing happens in almost any other business but let’s think about, say, an amusement park.  Once the lines on a ride grow shorter and shorter, the park has to consider changing the ride, updating it or tearing it down and bringing in a new one that may appeal to a wider audience.  The same is true of a car dealership or a grocery store or a restaurant menu.  All businesses face this situation at some point in their product/service lifecycle.

The upside to all this is that we keep a very current slot floor with some of the newest and most popular games.  And, all of them are set at or near the highest payback percentage allowed. We do this to give you maximum time on your game with the best chance of actually walking away with a WIN!  We love it when locals win at Augustine.

Any questions? We’re here for you so please ask.